Event "Beating the natives"

“Throughout Britain's colonial history, in Kenya, Yemen, Malaya and elsewhere, London broke all accepted moral and legal standards by torturing its opponents. Ireland was no different with British 'water-boarding' detainee thirty years before the USA did the same in Guantanamo. Using statements made...

Press Release: Families win legal challenge over failure to investigate Glenanne Gang murders

The families of over 100 people, on both sides of the border in Ireland, murdered by the Ulster Volunteer Force, in collusion with state forces including the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) and the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), have welcomed today’s High Court ruling.

PFC welcomes new Advocacy Support Worker to the team

The Pat Finucane Centre is pleased to welcome Micheál Smith to our casework team. Micheál joins us as an Advocacy Support Worker, and will provide support, advocacy and advice to victims and survivors of the conflict.

British Lies to European Court Paved Way for Global Use of Torture

When the European Court ruled that detainees in Northern Ireland were NOT tortured but only subjected to "inhuman and degrading" treatment, it gave the green light to other regimes worldwide. New evidence shows the court's ruling was based on false evidence - yet people are still being tortured toda...

The Pat Finucane Centre at Féile an Phobail 2017

The PFC is making two presentations at this year's Féile an Phobail. (1) Torture and the Legacy of Colonialism and (2) How Statistics Are Twisted For Political Purposes

Police Ombudsman Asks "Is Funding Crisis" Mechanism to Prevent Truth?

The North's Police Ombudsman Highlights A Funding Crisis And The Human Cost To Bereaved Families

Tamil Widow's Complaint to NI Ombudsman On RUC "Shoot-to-Kill"

Declassified British official documents reveal that, in 1983, the RUC advised police officers in Sri Lanka on counter-insurgency methods shortly after a new "special unit" shot dead six men in County Armagh.

British Empire-Students should be taught history of colonialism say historians

Article from the Independent with comments from various historians regarding the need to teach the history of colonialisation in British universities.

Witness Appeal: Kathleen Thompson, Derry 1971


Public Meeting (29 June) - "Collusion - The Hard Evidence"

Margaret Urwin of JFF and Anne Cadwallader of the PFC will present evidence from previously "Top Secret" British government files proving that collusion between London and the UDA/UVF was widespread throughout the conflict.