PFC submission to Committee of Ministers re McKerr & ors v UK

Below is the PFC's recent submission to the Committee of Ministers concerning the McKerr group of cases. We have also attached the statement by the Irish Government to the CoM and their response issued today. Copies of other useful documents can be found on the Council of Europe website and the deci...

PFC and Justice for the Forgotten in Portadown Public Meeting

The PFC and JFF will present some of the hard evidence upon which our conclusions are based at a public meeting, 7.30pm, Wednesday 20 September in Portadown, County Armagh.


This weekend Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans are organising a protest in London entitled "I AM DENNIS HUTCHINGS". (11am at Horse Guard Parade London). Hutchings is currently being prosecuted for the attempted murder of John Pat Cunningham, a vulnerable adult, in Benburb in 1974.(Full case deta...

MI5 and the 'Hooded Men'

MI5 and the Hooded Men: The role of David Eastwood in Operation Calaba In recent months, the Pat Finucane Centre has uncovered an array of new evidence pointing to the use of waterboarding and electric shock treatment by army and RUC interrogators in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

Families Bereaved By The Glenanne Gang Still Waiting To Hear From PSNI

FAMILIES WAIT TO HEAR FROM PSNI Five weeks since the High Court ordered the PSNI to meet with the Glenanne families, nothing has been heard. The deadline of 4 September has passed without a word from the PSNI hierarchy or their lawyers. By now, an agreement should have been reached on a way forward.

"Becoming an Orphan: Losing Both My Parents And My Idyllic County Tyrone Childhood"

Eamon Devlin, his two brothers and their sister, Patricia, lost both parents in an attack on their home in County Tyrone in May 1974. Gertrude and James Devlin were victims of the so-called "Glenanne Gang" whose members included RUC and UDR men. Here, Eamon tells his story to Peter Carroll for the U...

The Wrong Lesson (pub 2005)

What lessons can be learned from British counter-insurgency methods deployed in Kenya, Cyprus and elsewhere? Should the US follow suit? Counter-gangs and counter-insurgency.

Facts about Atrocity: Reporting Colonial Violence in Postwar Britain

ABSTRACT What did people in Britain know about the violence of counterinsurgency campaigns at the end of empire in the 1940s and 1950s? In many ways, British knowledge about colonial violence was widespread. But it was also fragmented and ambiguous: whispered among family and friends; dramatized in...

Q & A - Is there a witch-hunt against ex British soldiers?

A quick question and answer guide to the current debate around prosecutions of former soldiers, 'letters of comfort' and the alleged 'witch-hunt'.

Legacy of Colonialism Exhibition

The 'Legacy of Colonialism' Exhibition will be on display throughout August and September at the Museum of Free Derry. This exhibition was launched at two events this week- one as part of the Féile An Phobail in Belfast on 9th August, and the Derry launch as part of the Gasyard Féile on 14th August....