43rd Commemoration of Dublin/Monaghan Bombings

The years pass by and still the families bereaved in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of May 1974 seek justice and truth.

Sri Lanka and Ireland - Worlds Apart But Parallels Learned

Events in Derry and Belfast to show solidarity with the Tamil people of Sri Lanka who continue to suffer discrimination and violence.

Q & A - Is there a witch-hunt against ex British soldiers?

A quick question and answer guide to the current debate around prosecutions of former soldiers, 'letters of comfort' and the alleged 'witch-hunt'.


The PFC will oppose proposals in a report from the Westminster Defence Select Committee which recommends the protection from prosecution of British soldiers and RUC personnel, regardless of the evidence against them. This "Statue of Limitations", while coupled with a "truth recovery mechanism", woul...

Concerns on News Re: Police Ombudsman Receipt of PSNI files

The PFC is concerned at news that the PSNI are temporarily "suspending" their release of "sensitive" intelligence information to the NI Police Ombudsman, fearing it could jeapordise current investigations

Release of proposal on information redaction

Documents submitted to British and Irish governments: A proposed model for Information Redaction under the Stormont House Agreement. Released to the public domain at a seminar at QUB on 4th April 2017.

Plastic bullet victim’s family in witness appeal

The family of Derry teenager, Paul Whitters (15), killed by a plastic bullet fired by the RUC more than 35 years ago have issued a new appeal for witnesses.

"Malice Intended" The Hooded Men

Anne Cadwallader tells the story of the Hooded Men, internees subjected to fine-tuned methods of torture, that left little physical evidence, in various imperial theatres of war – from Malaya to Kenya – imported by Britain to Ireland in 1971

Upcoming event: National Security Seminar, QUB, 4th April.

Dealing with the Past: A Proposed Model for Information Redaction under the Stormont House Agreement 4th April, 2017 10.00 am, Moot Court, School of Law Queens University Belfast

‘Good Samaritan’ bombing inquest refused by High Court

Request for new inquest into the deaths of Sean Dalton in Derry on 1988 refused by the High Court.