A very serious crime-anatomy of a cover-up

A new report into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Gary English and Jim Brown in 1981

PFC meeting with Secretary of State, Karen Bradley

Yesterday PFC met with the Secretary of State, Karen Bradley, at her request at our Belfast offices. We raised a number of issues with her and her officials: STORMONT HOUSE CONSULTATION o PFC impressed the frustration felt by families awaiting the consultation to begin and mechanisms to be establish...

Ireland v UK 2018

ECHR have rejected application by Irish Government to revise the original judgement in the Hooded Men case ROI v UK 1978. The 1978 judgement found that the treatment constituted inhuman & degrading treatment, but not torture. Today the ECHR has upheld that judgement 6-1 (Judge O'Leary dissenting- se...

In Their Footsteps- iMAGINE Belfast

This exhibition comprises pairs of shoes donated by families who lost a loved one during the conflict, or individuals who were seriously injured during the conflict. Each pair of shoes is accompanied by a small note about the person the empty shoes represent. What is unique about this exhibition is...

Report Launch: Protestant Migration from the West Bank of Derry / Londonderry 1969-1980

Why did members of the Protestant/ Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) community leave the west bank of Derry in their thousands since the late 1960s? The PFC posed this thorny question in a multilingual Political Guide to Derry published by the Centre in 1992. Some have argued that Protestants living on the we...

"London Has Serious Questions to Answer": Tyrone Man Orphaned by Glenanne Gang

Eamon Devlin and his two brothers and sister, Patricia, were orphaned when their parents were gunned down by the Glenanne Gang. A UDR soldier was later convicted although his military status was suppressed from the courts, the public and the bereaved family. Another UDR soldier was also a prime susp...

Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture: Professor Phil Scraton

Fractured Lives, Dissenting Voices, Recovering Truth : Hillsborough activist Professor Phil Scraton reflects on four decades of in-depth research into deaths involving state institutions – Hillsborough, Prisons and Ireland – focusing on his work with the bereaved, survivors and their advocates.

Rewriting History on Film: Panel discussion with Jimmy McGovern, Sean Murray & Eimhear O'Neill


As Sinn Fein prepares to co-opt Ryan Murphy onto Belfast City Council, the PFC remembers his grandfather, Terry McCafferty, who was shot dead by the UDA in Newtownabbey using a gun taken from a British Army base in Lurgan in 1972. The same weapon was used to kill 16-year-old Henry Cunningham on his...

'No amnesty' call for British soldiers from Protestant victim's daughter

Daughter of Robert Ritchie McKinnie, shot dead by a member of the Parachute Regiment in the Shankill area of Belfast in September 1972, says there should be no amnesty for soldiers involved in fatal shootings.