• 6 January 2016, Irish Times article - Kingsmill massacre anniversary: ‘We need to know the truth’

• 4 January 2016, Joint Statement from the O’Dowd and Reavey Families

• 31 December 2015, Irish Times article - Anne Cadwallader: Bereaved families have a right to the truth

• 10 December 2015, Press Release - Bereaved families demand implementation of legacy provisions in the Stormont House Agreement

• November 2015, Statement from UN Special Rapporteur Pablo De Greiff - “Twenty years on, the UK is yet to fully address the legacies of the past”

• November 2015, NGOs call for Legacy Mechanisms to be Human Rights Compliant

• October 2015, Stormont House Agreement - PFC letter in Irish News on SHA

• October 6 2015, Stormont House Agreement - NGO Statement

• September 2015, CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice) - May 2015 Report on conference on Stormont House Agreement/Dealing with the Past

A new documentary asks: Did the British state collude with Northern Irish terrorists? (Washington Post, 17 June 2015)

London told it must face up to fact of collusion in North (Irish Times, 16 June 2015)

PFC Newsletter Issue 13, Summer 2015 (pdf)

Warning that welfare cuts impasse will delay justice for Troubles victims in North (Irish Times, 28 May 2015)

• BBC Panorama on iPlayer: Britain's Secret Terror Deals, or see here for youtube: Britain's Secret Terror Deals (28 May 2015)

• Justice for the Forgotten: Songs performed at U2's Vancouver concert highlight the impact of Dublin/ Monaghan Bombings of May 1974

Tobias Molloy witness appeal (pdf)

• Justice for the Forgotten: 41st Anniversary Commemoration of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings

• PFC: Letter to the Secretary of State following appointment of Ben Wallace as NIO minister

Guardian: Pat Finucane murder 'caused by British infiltration policy', court told

Irish Independent: Cameron's refusal to hold public inquiry into Pat Finucane murder 'morally and legally indefensible

Murdered by the Glenanne gang: Patrick lived till the ripe old age of 13 (Irish Times, 2 May 2015)

Anne Cadwallader speech to Helsinki Commission (pdf), Wash DC, 18 March 2015

Batang Kali: Supreme Court grants PFC right to Intervene

Irish News: Opinion Piece on Stormont House Agreement (28.02.2015)

Interrogations of hooded men were ‘taped’ (Irish Times, 20 February 2015)

• UK response to de Silva report on Pat Finucane: Lessons learnt by government departments from Sir Desmond de Silva’s Report of the Patrick Finucane Review

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