Targeting of Bradley family a 'denial of a fundamental human right'

The Derry based Pat Finucane Centre has described the arson attack earlier this week on the Bradley family as 'a denial of this family's fundamental human right to be free from intimidation and violent attack on their home and property.'

Centre spokesperson Paul O'Connor said, "Liam Bradley and his family are being targeted because his son joined the PSNI. It was immoral and wrong when loyalists or the security forces targetted members of a family because of the perceived activity of a family member. It is equally immoral and wrong to target any family because a son or daughter joins the PSNI. The Bradley family deserve our support and solidarity. What is the difference between those who targetted the house of a Catholic family in the Waterside recently and those who attacked the Bradley family?

2180 men and women or over 30% of the PSNI are now from a Catholic background. Hundreds more applied but were not accepted. Difficult as it is for some people to accept the reality is the world has changed. Firebombing a pensioners car isn't going to reverse these changes.