Rosemary Nelson

the life and death of a human rights defender


Appendix G

Loyalist Attacks from 1 January 1999 - 30 April 1999

January 6 Workman at GAA grounds Magherafelt, Co. Derry, injured in Orange Volunteers grenade attack.
January 17 Petrol bomb thrown into home of Catholic man in Waterside, Derry.
January 19 Man injured in arm and leg by Orange Volunteers pipe bomb attack in Loughinisland, Co. Down.
January 23 Two loyalist bomb attacks on Catholic families in Larne, Co. Antrim.
January 28 Catholic family of four children attacked as bomb thrown into kitchen in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.
February 2 Grenade attack on St. Joseph's church, Antrim, Red Hand Defenders
February 9 McNally's Bar near Toomebridge attacked with two hand grenades, one damages outside of bar another found in field where it had been thrown by unsuspecting passer-by, Orange Volunteers
February 9 Orange Volunteers claim attack on Whitehorse Inn, Crumlin, Co. Antrim - nothing found
February 12 Bomb hoax at UTV interrupts chat show
February 14 Pipe bomb thrown at house, Graymount, north Belfast
February 24 Red Hand Defenders admit pipe bomb attack on north Belfast peaceline at Rosapenna Street
March 1 Chocolate box containing bomb left on windowsill of Catholic home in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone. Orange Volunteers. Pipe bomb found in Derriaghy, south of Belfast
March 3 The Orange Volunteers and Red Hand Defenders banned by the British government.
March 3 Bomb hoax outside Irish News, central Belfast
March 4 Bomb found at Torrens interface in north Belfast
March 7 Two Catholic families forced to flee their homes in Graymount, north Belfast, after loyalist arson attack. Threats made against north Belfast taxi drivers, possibly by UDA. Bomb hoaxes in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, Rosslea, Co. Fermanagh, and Belfast.
March 9 Pipe bomb attack, Portadown, Co. Armagh
March 15 Rosemary Nelson murdered in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, by under-car bomb. Red Hand Defenders admit responsibility.
March 15 Family of seven from Larne unharmed when their home petrol bombed around 2am. RUC confirm attack as sectarian.
March 17 Red Hand Defenders make death threats against leading PUP spokesmen after loyalist Frankie Curry murdered on Shankill Road, Belfast. Hoax bomb at home of Martin McGuinness, Derry.
March 21-22 RUC alerts GAA clubs in north Antrim to review their safety after Orange Volunteers claim to have planted bombs in a number of the clubs.
March 23 Grenade explodes in Castlewellan, Co. Down, slightly injuring man in scrap-yard, Orange Volunteers admit responsibility
March 24 Derryhirk Inn outside Lurgan, Co. Armagh, attacked by loyalist bomb, Orange Volunteers
March 29 Sinn Féin councillor James McCarry's house bombed while he was not at home. His family escapes injury.
March 31 Catholic businessman from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone discovers pipe bomb attached to his car. Device fails to explode. Another pipe bomb found in north Belfast. Army technical officers neutralize device. Red Hand Defenders claim responsibility for both bombs.
April 5 Loyalists attack nationalists in Obins Street, Portadown, Co. Armagh, beat man senseless
April 9 Loyalists throw bomb at the Barleycorn pub on the Seven Mile Straight in Co. Antrim. One man injured in the blast. Orange Volunteers
April 10 Lurgan man escapes reported loyalist kidnapping attempt on leaving the Silverwood Hotel in the town.
April 15 Pipe bombs pushed through the letter boxes of two Catholic homes in Randalstown, Co Antrim. Neither device exploded. UVF graffiti had appeared near to one of the houses prior to the attack. In a separate incident in South Down an envelope containing a 9mm bullet and a death threat is posted through the door of Sinn Féin member Garret O' Fachna.
April 19 Pipe bomb found on side of Catholic home in Serpentine Park, Belfast. No injuries. Another hoax device found in Newtownabbey, Belfast. Several families evacuated from homes. Red Hand Defenders admit responsibility.
April 25 Around 2am, two Belfast men abducted and beaten by a gang claiming to be the UFF on their way home form the Turf Lodge social club. The two men said they escaped death by pretending they were dead. One of the men suffered severe head wounds and broken bones. In north Belfast, a mother and son escape unharmed when a grenade is thrown and explodes on their roof around 11:40pm. Orange Volunteers claim responsibility. In Dunmurray, south Belfast, two people escape when petrol bombs are thrown at two homes.
April 28 Pipe bomb explodes in car park of Ramble Inn, situated on the main Antrim-Ballymena Road. Several cars damaged, but no injuries. Orange Volunteers claim responsibility. Six men died in a gun attack on the same bar in 1976.


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