Waterboarding claims in Northern Ireland

Donald Trump has drawn outrage across the world, including Britain, after he condoned waterboarding and torture. But tonight this programme can reveal allegations that warterboarding and electric shock torture were used by the Parachute Regiment against prisoners in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

The Pat Finucane Centre at Féile an Phobail 2017

The PFC is making two presentations at this year's Féile an Phobail. (1) Torture and the Legacy of Colonialism and (2) How Statistics Are Twisted For Political Purposes

Police Ombudsman Asks "Is Funding Crisis" Mechanism to Prevent Truth?

The North's Police Ombudsman Highlights A Funding Crisis And The Human Cost To Bereaved Families

Tamil Widow's Complaint to NI Ombudsman On RUC "Shoot-to-Kill"

Declassified British official documents reveal that, in 1983, the RUC advised police officers in Sri Lanka on counter-insurgency methods shortly after a new "special unit" shot dead six men in County Armagh.

Witness Appeal: Kathleen Thompson, Derry 1971


Public Meeting (29 June) - "Collusion - The Hard Evidence"

Margaret Urwin of JFF and Anne Cadwallader of the PFC will present evidence from previously "Top Secret" British government files proving that collusion between London and the UDA/UVF was widespread throughout the conflict.

Event to Mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Today, 26th June, marks the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture. The PFC, along with our colleagues in CAJ, Amnesty International and Matrix Chambers will today outline evidence of torture carried out by the RUC and British Army during the 1970's in the north of Ireland at an even...

US Report Highlights Vilification of NI Lawyers In Legacy Cases

Lawyers Representing Bereaved Families Must Be Respected And Free From Intimidation

British Army Knew Names of Loyalist Bomb Suspects - But Blamed IRA

The Names of The Loyalist Bombers of Kelly's Bar in Belfast Were Known To The British Army - But London Blamed the IRA

Q & A - Is there a witch-hunt against ex British soldiers?

A quick question and answer guide to the current debate around prosecutions of former soldiers, 'letters of comfort' and the alleged 'witch-hunt'.


A State in Denial

A State in Denial

Margaret Urwin
Counter Gangs


Margaret Urwin
Gerald Donaghey

Gerald Donaghey

Conal McFeely
Hidden History of the UDR

The Hidden History of the UDR

Pat Finucane Centre
Lethal Allies Cover

Lethal Allies

Anne Cadwallader

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Collusion is any act, or omission of an act, in which state agents encourage or engage in criminal actions with illegal forces. It can never...
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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is the system of law enforcement used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. It includes the pol...
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European Convention on Human Rights

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, better known as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR),...
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Truth Recovery

The PFC believes that bereaved families have a right to truth and justice. We advocate for an independent truth recovery process that is com...
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State Violence

PFC believe that the British state’s failure to uphold the principle that no one is above the law was the single greatest factor creating an...
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Maghaberry Prison in particular has been dogged by controversies around humiliating strip searches, association among politically motivated...
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The security service MI5 has had overall responsibility for security in the North since August 2007. In August 2007 the British Security Ser...
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Glenanne / Lethal Allies

Drawing on over 15 years of research by the PFC, and using forensic and ballistic information never before published, this book includes off...
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Plastic Bullets / Tasers / CS Gas

17 people were killed during the conflict by members of the security forces firing plastic or rubber bullets/ batons. 8 of the 17 people wer...
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Legacy of Colonialism

In 2013 the PFC and Bloody Sunday Trust organised a two day international conference titled Poisonous Legacies-Otro Mundo es posible. We inv...
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